Thursday, June 27, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Saudi Arabia - Tighten controls on the health of pilgrims

June 26, 2013
 The bed hospital is obliged to provide at least one all interests

 And directed the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, strict instructions to the directors of hospitals and health institutions to implement the scheme express particular virus Corona or'' Mears'', by tightening control measures of health.

According to the text of correspondence bearing No. 06, holds'' day'' on a copy of which, given the recording of cases of infection'' Corona'' in France, Tunisia and the Middle East, ordered the Ministry of Health, to provide backup security, which includes all means of HIV prevention, including masks, surgical masks, coveralls, and protectors Hair, as well as glasses, noting that all interests must be available on this stock, in order to counter the threat posed by this disease in the event of outbreaks.

Among the measures taken by the ministry, is to provide equipment disarmament blood, and their means of delivery, in anticipation of receiving any cases of infected virus, stressing the need to provide a single bed at the level of the interests of the recovery, internal medicine, respiratory diseases, diseases التعفنية, pediatrics, as well as the interest of Gynecology. also stressed the ministry on the need to notify the officials from the centers of health monitoring at the level of the border areas, and at the level of airports, from in order to take all the necessary precautions, in anticipation of the registration of any cases of infection, which includes passengers traveling to the Middle East countries, in particular the pilgrims, with the need to follow all the conditions of hygiene and personal care clean hands the first place.

In a related development, emphasizes the instruction that all person showing symptoms of unusual private travelers newly returning from regions outbreaks of the virus from infected acute respiratory'' Mears'', imposed on the medical staff to keep the situation in the hospital, and sampling for diagnosis depth, to confirm infection. identified Ministry

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