Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby girl influenza A H5N1 infection have died

Thao You are treated in science BV has Thanh Hoa with health was more than satisfied

. That baby Bui Thi Trade (13 years) has died in hospital on Ba Thuoc 2 / 1. Girls Trade Bui Thi Thao is also being treated in isolation hospital, Thanh Hoa province for influenza A H5N1.

News from the home he Bui Van Co, in Indonesia, Vietnam Dien, Ba Thuoc District (Thanh Hoa) said on 2/1/2009, he Bui Thi Trade (The children he) had died in hospital in Ba thước for influenza A H5N1. At the same time you Bui Thi Thao, girls Trade also has been transferred to the Provincial Hospital for treatment.

Doctor Le Trong Dụng - Dean convey Hospital Thanh Hoa province said on 2 / 1, the hospital received grandchildren Bui Thi Thao, 8 years old in health is very weak, re-purple skin, or contact men, a fever and difficulty breathing. Immediately, you Thao examination was conducted, taking X.quang and diagnosed with pneumonia by the virus. Then, a hospital patient samples subject patients to take tests at the Institute sanitation epidemiology central to the results were positive for influenza A H5N1.

According to the doctors said, after nearly a week of treatment in isolation rooms in the special, now health Thao you are positive changes. There you have food, drink, talk, walk and was sitting up. Most recently is 6 / 1 hospital Xquang taken to see the signs and are gradually recuperate.

Thao You are treated in science BV has Thanh Hoa with health was more than satisfied

But Mr. Bui Van Anh of International Trade 2 grandchildren - Sydney nghẹn ngào in the eye: "On 11/12/2008, I have done two thousand meat whole family eat together. Next on 2 children found 15/12 chicken Tool Peru, eyes dim lim I do all the meat and eat together but found no problems ...

However, on 25/12, you see Bui Thi Thuong self stop hot high fever, cough and difficulty breathing of the family brought to clinics in examining treatment. You Trade is not out on 27/12 Thao you also have similar symptoms.

After 2 days of treatment at clinics in the disease by two grandchildren Trade - Sydney still do not see remission and have more severe symptoms. Clinics and family decided to move up two grandchildren Hospital Ba Thuoc district for treatment, tests. And no doubt on 2 / 1, my past life, yearning that he too, no doubt I was the influenza A H5N1. "

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