Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CG's Comments: Menoufia: Recent Bird Flu; Swine Flu; Town Quarrantined

Interesting, Menoufia is where we had a whole village quarantined for BF.
And we also had a suspected Swine Flu case there. From my list:


June 20
Village under quarantine for BF:
Sadat City
Kafr Daoud Balsadat
Abdul Rahman Sabri Al-Gad (36) & agricultural workers reported mass death amoung birds. 200 birds culled at his home.
18 neighboring houses all under quarantine for 2 weeks.

June 22
Swine Flu (suspected)
Obugzal Abdul Aziz Ahmed (50 years) from an employee resident in Saudi Arabia and Quesna Menofia.

July 12
Abdel-Salam (42 years) Boukhaty Shebin Center
Rasha Ezzat Hussein Hamid (20 years) district of Kafr el-Sheikh Khalil Center Shebin

July 15
Closure 2 Farms due to Bird Flu
two poultry farms in the village of Shebin Boukhaty Center, and the angle Elbakly the village of the Center for the martyrs, for a period of three months…. avian flu vaccine the number of 24 villages belonging to the Center, from July 19 until August 27 next….

My updated listed of suspected and confirmed H5N1 Cases in Egypt can be located here:

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