Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tighten Entry of Poultry

Tighten Entry of Poultry
Sukabumi Beware of the Bird Flu

 Tuesday, November 29, 2011 - 17:45 pm

 SUKABUMI (Pos Kota) - Department of Animal Husbandry (Disnak) Sukabumi regency, West Java to tighten supervision of poultry animals entry into its territory.

This action is to anticipate the entry of bird flu outbreaks from outside the region. Moreover, throughout 2011 found there were five cases of bird flu three districts.

Head of Department of Livestock (Disnak) Sukabumi, Asep Sugianto explained, five cases of H5N1 virus found in three districts namely in Bojonggenteng, Jampang Central, and Parakansalak. The findings are based on results of rapid tests which stated positive bird flu.
Described Asep, merembaknya bird flu caused by many factors. Weather the transition from dry season to rainy season, for example. Another factor that is the entry of H5N1 virus from another region. For that, Disnak would tighten border traffic of poultry in the daroi Bogor and Cianjur.
Asep further explained, penangana of positive poultry bird flu directly followed immediately by applying the standard nine operations (SOP) handling of bird flu.

"Starting to intensify (biosecurity) spraying the cage birds, poultry culling is limited, and vaccination. We also provide socialization about bird flu to the people around who raise poultry, "he said. According to Asep, from the findings of this bird flu virus occurred in the majority of farm people.

While farm-managed large companies are now free from the disease "The number of cases of bird flu now decreased when compared with the year 2007. This year only five in three districts, while in 2007 cases of bird flu occurred in 26 districts.

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