Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bid to censor bird-flu details

Bid to censor #birdflu details

04 Dec, 2011 09:12 AM
A CANBERRA scientist will travel to Washington this week to argue that details should be kept secret of a bird flu capable of killing millions of people worldwide.
European scientists have created a strain of avian flu that can be passed from human to human.

The researchers are seeking a publisher for their findings about the new type of H5N1 virus, but a number of experts fear the detailed information could be used to make biological weapons.

The bird flu epidemic in 2009 killed 500 people globally but it was not easily transferred between humans.

Canberra vaccine expert Professor Ian Ramshaw said the
H5N1 findings should be published but specific parts should be censored.

Ten years ago the professor published the details of a lethal mousepox his team had created.

The team Professor Ramshaw led decided it was in....

Avian flu killed almost two-thirds of the people who contracted it earlier this decade

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