Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jharkhand- #Birdflu fears:Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Department embark in the treatment of crows

Bird flu fears: Department of crows gather in the treatment of

Dec 04, 01:01 am 

Ranchi: Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Department to protect the crows are now involved in their treatment. Pendon put water and rice on the first time the drug is being prepared to be hung.  The district veterinary officials have been given strict instructions.  Drugs have been sent to all districts.  Anand Gopal Bndopadyay Director General said that the crows are of a general effort to prevent deaths. The most important is to protect them from infection.  He also said that the crows to prevent spread of the infection is difficult because they are free to move. When bird flu in poultry can be separated easily overpowered.
 He again reiterated that the investigation report is yet to sample.  The Indian government has expressed doubts about just having bird flu.  Crows on Saturday of the death has been reported from anywhere.  Earlier, a team led by Director Albert College, Ranchi in the crows were found dead were buried in the ground.
 Urged to take precautions
  Animal Husbandry Department once again urged the public to take precautionary measures. Crows come in contact with dead people have been wary.Any animal or bird, especially chickens - chickens are called to come in contact.  Department toll-free information through the death of ravens is called for.

Still unaware of the exact nature of infection that is causing mass mortality of crows, animal husbandry department is doing every bid to save the aviary not only from dying a mysterious death but also trying to avoid chances of the infection spreading to backyard poultry. On Saturday, director animal husbandry AG Bandopadhyay issued orders to the district animal husbandry officials wherever crow deaths were reported to place foodstuff and water laced with antibiotics, expecting them to be consumed by the crows.

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