Friday, September 28, 2012

Egypt: Health Minister launches campaign together against influenza

Collaboration with 11 medical society specialized launched Egyptian Minister of Health Dr. Mohammad Mustafa national campaign new under the slogan "Together against flu" in order to increase community awareness of the importance of prevention of seasonal influenza, particularly as we on the cusp of winter, which increases the infection rates. For his part, Dr. Omar Kandil, First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Population and Preventive Medicine that the Ministry of Health attaches great importance to the prevention of risks seasonal influenza, and the ministry is of many years to monitor the flu of all kinds at the level of governorates of Egypt and to monitor cases and to monitor any mutation in the influenza virus to ensure rapid treatment. as confirmed Dr. Omar that the mortality rate of influenza in Egypt less than global averages were discovered about 6 cases of avian influenza were mortality rate is about 36% while the longer the world average of 59%. explained Dr. Omar that the prevention of seasonal influenza simple through hygiene washing lady regularly and you in case of the emergence of a private cold symptoms for heart patients, sugar and respiratory patients who are the most vulnerable groups of the injury must go to the doctor to avoid the risk of complications.

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