Thursday, September 27, 2012

MOH Indonesia: Indonesian pilgrims and No Need to Worry Can Still Make Travel to Saudi Arabia

 September 27, 2012

WHO is currently collecting information from the focal point of England, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KAS) and Qatar to determine the level / new coronavirus possible impact on public health of confirmed cases. Specifically, more information is required on how exposure / transmission, work and travel history to determine possible sources of infection or virus container.
It originated from the information given IHR focal point of United Kingdom on 22 September 2012, the WHO about one case of acute respiratory syndrome with history of renal failure with a trip to Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
WHO has conducted a rapid assessment of risk, and there are currently no reports of acute respiratory syndrome with renal failure from other WHO member states. WHO requested that all National IHR Focal Point reported an abnormal increase in the number of patients admitted to the ICU with kidney failure and respiratory problems that can not be known cause. WHO case definition will be presented in the coming days.
The case is not yet a serious impact on public health. In the UK, all the contacts and healthcare workers who provide care, not sick or showing symptoms. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, there are no reports about the influx of patients to the ICU at the hospital.
Currently, there are no high risk that encourage the adoption of international travel or trade restrictions. KAS has increased surveillance in connection with the pilgrimage season and increased travel. WHO and health authorities of Saudi Arabia has yet to declare anything serious with respect to the new virus. Therefore there is no prohibition to visit the Middle East. That means, Indonesian pilgrims no problem and still can carry out a trip to Saudi Arabia.
So far no Indonesian pilgrims and also no pilgrims from any country affected by this new coronavirus infection. The data also showed the world no new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus that while this is called "London1_novel CoV 2012.". The virus is different from the coronavirus that causes SARS a few years ago.


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