Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saudi Arabia MOH Issues Statement on New Virus: Coranavirus

Sep 23, 2012, SPA

Ministry of Health issued a statement saying: "As part of its efforts to prevent importation of diseases and continue its follow-up and survey of all transmitted diseases among humans and based on its keenness to follow transparency on matter of public health, it states that with the acceleration of climate changes and the entry of Hajj and Umrah season, a rare pattern of Coronavirus, a known seasonal influenza virus, was detected.
"Three cases were diagnosed with this virus: the first case is a Saudi citizen diagnosed at a hospital in Jeddah, the second is a Saudi citizen and another GCC citizen (diagnosed) in Britain recently. Two of them died and the third is still receiving treatment. "
The ministry added, "The virus is known and most people afflicted with it recover after providing supporting and simple treatment without complications. In very rare cases and in a rare pattern of this virus, complications occur to the respiratory system and kidneys which may lead to death, especially in elderly people and those with chronic cardiac illnesses and immune deficiency.
The ministry assured the public that such occurrences are rare and the overall health conditions are reassuring and do not cause concern.
It called upon those who wish to perform Hajj or Umrah from the Kingdom or abroad to abide by the vaccinations and instructions issued by the Ministry of Health, pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands and wear a mask in crowded places and change it periodically.
In its statement, the Ministry of Health confirmed that it is constantly following developments in this regard at the national, regional and global levels in coordination with the concerned authorities and international health bodies.

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