Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Indonesia: Samarinda - Dangerous Disease Control Simulation

September 25, 2012

tribunkaltim / nevrianto hp tribunkaltim / nevrianto hp

tribunkaltim / nevrianto hp
tribunkaltim / nevrianto hp

SAMARINDA, - Port Health Team led both ship's (ABK) are infectious diseases AI out of the ship Queen Soya special evacuation to the tent as Public Health Emergency Response Simulation Of International Concern (PHEIC) in the port of Samarinda, Tuesday (25/9). Health teams are also taking action infusion. Simulation is witnessed PHEIC sub head of the Directorate General of Health Quarantine (Karkes) Directorate General of Environmental Control (DG and PL) Ministry of Health, Dr. Zahimir Setiawan, Vice Mayor Ishmael Nusyirwan Samarinda Samarinda Bay Head Adpel M Hasani, Representative kppp.

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