Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WHO: Case Definition for Case Finding Severe Respiratory Disease associated with NOVEL CORONAVIRUS

Interim case definition as of 25 September 2012

Patient under investigation:

Clinical definition:
A person with acute respiratory syndrome which may include fever (≥ 38°C , 100.4°F) and cough
• requiring hospitalization
• with suspicion of lower airway involvement (clinical or radiological evidence of consolidation)
not explained by any other infection or any other aetiology.

Epidemiological criteria:
Close contact* within the last 10 days before onset of illness
• with a probable or confirmed case of novel coronavirus infection while the case-contact was ill
• travel to or residence in an area** where infection with novel coronavirus has recently been reported or where transmission could have occurred.

Probable Novel Coronavirus Case:

A person fitting the clinical definition AND epidemiological criteria above but no laboratory confirmation.

Confirmed Novel Coronavirus Case:

A person with laboratory confirmation of infection with the novel coronavirus.

* Close contact is defined as:

• Anyone who provided care for a confirmed or probable case including HCW and family members in a health care setting or in the community.
• Anyone who stayed at the same place (e.g. lived with, visited) as a probable or confirmed case while they have been symptomatic.
• Anyone with significant casual exposure with the patient such as sitting nearby in a classroom, sharing a taxi, sitting close by on an airplane.

** Area where infection with novel coronavirus where transmission could have occurred:

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar (as of 25 September 2012)

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