Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Indonesia: Chicken Husbandry Department Samarinda Find Ketawa Positive Bird Flu

September 23, 2012

Department of Fisheries and Livestock of Samarinda weekend again find poultry (chicken) were positive for the bird flu virus.

The findings were originally known from the reports of the Animal Husbandry Department had reported that chickens died suddenly. After the officer down checking spaciousness, and perform rapid test (rapid test), was one of seven chickens owned by a resident of Jl Bungtomo Sei Keledang Samarinda was positively infected with bird flu.

"Last week in the Sei Keledang Jl Bungtomo Samarinda Seberang, we find a positive laughter chicken bird flu, according to results of rapid tests that we do," said Jumianti, Head of Animal Health and Livestock Fisheries Samarinda to the Tribune, Sunday (23 / 9/2012).

According Jumianti, chicken coop bird flu that we have isolated, while 7 chickens had been culled. 

"Poultry cages were empty and we had our isolation. During one month of the cage can not be used and needs to be cleaned by spraying disinfectant on a regular basis," said Jumianti.

Said to him, the Animal Husbandry Department officials have done spraying disinfectant on chicken coop belonging to the bird flu and in a chicken coop belonging to others around them.

Asked about the cause of the bird flu virus in chickens are laughing? He said it was likely that brought laughter chicken owners outside Samarinda.

"We have not had time yesterday to ask the owner, he bought a chicken laugh from, but probably from outside Kaltim" he said.

He appealed to the citizens to immediately report to the Department of Animal Husbandry through local RT or RW if found chickens that died suddenly, so that the Animal Husbandry Department immediately check whether the chickens are infected with bird flu or not. 

"Animal Husbandry Department officer will act quickly if there are reports of people," he said.

Added Jumianti, the case of chickens that died suddenly suspected of contracting bird flu in Dublin this year is somewhat reduced compared to previous years. 

Up to September this year, the number of chickens that died suddenly reported only about 50 birds.From the report, which was positively infected with bird flu is only a part, as well as chickens owned by residents in Sei laughed Keledang, it stated piositif bird flu.

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