Saturday, June 15, 2013

China: Suzhou City A Bit Nervous over Nurse with Respiratory Infection

June 15, 2013
(Reporter Wu Shang) yesterday, Suzhou City, Northern General Hospital, said, twice the provincial expert consultation, hospital care respiratory medicine more concentrated fever was diagnosed the cause, as an ordinary viral respiratory infections and do not have strong contagious.   "After two provincial-level expert consultation, and their cause has been identified, that is, the common cold." Sheng a Northern General Hospital, said, according to the expert consultation result, these medical symptoms are fever, jargon is a virus respiratory infections, is actually cold, no serious contagious.   According Shengyuan Zhang said, as the number of health care focused symptoms, it is because a nurse first infection, probably in the 5th or so, the nurse fever, fatigue and other symptoms, followed by respiratory medicine hospital care have emerged over the same symptoms.   For why only focus on the hospital's medical staff respiratory medicine fever, but not in patients with intermediate transmission, Shengyuan Zhang introduction, because respiratory medicine contact with the patient when the medical staff generally work with a mask, and once back in the office he took it down, resulting in No cross-contamination between the patient, but only in respiratory medicine healthcare transmission. According to reports, after isolation and treatment, at present, has been basically no fever medical patients with high fever. 

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