Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tunisia Scans People Entering Country -- No New Cases #MERS #Coronavirus

June 15, 2013

In a statement to a reporter and agency Anatolia, denied the head of epidemiology at the Institute «Pastor» government in Tunis, Afif bin Saleh record any new infections with the virus, indicating that it was laying all measures dealing with the prevention of pilgrims Tunisians heading to the holy land, to ensure their protection from infection virus 'Corona'.

The «Bin Saleh» importance of job carried out by the National Committee, which has been tasked recently by the Tunisian government to monitor cases of HIV infection, and the preparation of the system and the protective solid against him, pointing out that he is organizing awareness campaigns to abide by the personal hygiene, especially with regard to washing hands, Due to the possibility for direct infection between people by touch, he said.
He 'Bin Saleh' to the importance of the role played by health centers affiliated to the ministry in border control, which scans people coming into the country, and make sure not to get them symptoms of infection with the 'Corona'.

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