Saturday, June 15, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Egypt: Luxor Calling For Health Checks At Airport

June 15, 2013

Warned Bakri Dardeer, director of the Justice and Development in Luxor, officials of the Ministry of Health of the spread of virus "Corona" in Egypt. pointed out, in a statement on Saturday that the new virus spread to areas of several in Saudi Arabia and some parts of the Gulf and Middle East region, and began to penetrate all the walls prevention. stressed Dardeer that the virus may also afflicts animals beside humans, where infect most of these viruses المكللة kind animal and one usually including monkeys, cats and dogs. demanded lifting of the state of maximum alert, and be very careful of the infection, which may be carried by travelers from abroad to home , especially the Gulf states and transported to Egypt without being subject to detect quarantine ports. added that the symptoms of common colds and severe acute respiratory syndrome severe, calling for officials of the Ministry of Health medical examination on arrivals from the Gulf states, ensure the safety of citizens and reduce the spread of the virus in Egypt .

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