The Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia have been able to study the bloc infections health facilities acquired syndrome respiratory coronary Middle East Corona (MERS-COV) and a sequence arrangement gene of the virus and in an integrated manner in a record time of emergence of outbreaks that have occurred in the province of Al-Ahsa.
According to a statement of the Ministry of Health published today by the group of researchers in Saudi Arabia and Britain to study for urgent characteristics of genetic caused by the spread of AIDS respiratory coronary Middle East Corona (MERS-COV) and in collaboration with scientists from the University College London and the Institute of the Wellcome Trust Sanger, This is a positive step towards follow the evolution of the virus mutates over time and help in the diagnostic steps and quick to find a mechanism to diagnose the disease.
The spokesman said the Ministry of Health, Dr. Khalid Marghalani It was actually recording the sequence of Jenny full of 4 patients of outbreaks of disease in Al-Ahsa in the Eastern Province on a database GenBank as of Tuesday, which is available for all in accordance with the norms followed and through the bank's website on the Internet.
For its part, the General Directorate of Health Affairs in Madinah that to اوجود to Corona virus in Medina hospitals, stressing not detect any case of hospitals in the city infected with the disease .. She said in an official statement that in the event of discovery that will be announced officially by the official spokesman for the health of the city.