Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pune India NIV keeps a close watch on migratory birds for #H7N9 virus

June 15, 2013

Regional centres, partners testing hundreds of samples
The National Institute of Virology (NIV) has stepped up surveillance on migratory birds in different parts of the country even as human-to-human transmission of bird flu is yet to be established and the chances of infection in India are found to be low.

H7N9, the human strain of bird flu, was detected in China this year. After the NIV got permission from the ministry of forests, it kept check on migratory birds with help from its 10 regional centres and network partners in India testing hundreds of samples. However, it is yet to come across any positive H7N9 cases.

NIV director Dr DT Mourya said migratory birds were being tracked and tracheal and cloacal swabs were being collected. “Migratory birds could be positive carriers and that’s why extensive surveillance is required with poultry-to-human transmission being closely watched. Our migratory bird surveillance project i old and hence we decided to track H7N9 with help of our network partners,” he said.

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