Friday, June 14, 2013

Egypt Prepares Hospitals for Emergency of #Coronavirus MERS

June 14, 2013

Dr. Abdul Ati Abdel-Alim, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Preventive Medicine, said the ministry raised the degree of readiness of all hospitals chest and fever, in anticipation of the emergence of any cases of infected «Corona» after warnings the Ministry of Health shift virus epidemic, stressing that the ministry is equipped with some of the hospitals in Cairo and other governorates rooms isolate, to receive any cases of infected 'Corona'.
And reduced «Abdul Alim» fears felt by some citizens of transmission of the disease to Egypt, stressing that the system of disease surveillance, followed by Egypt of the strongest surveillance systems in the world, stressing at the same time to raise the alert hospitals fever and chest Abbasia and Imbaba and some hospitals nationwide, as well as the central laboratory processing, and sampling survey throat and sputum samples from individuals from countries carrier of the virus.
He revealed «Abdul Alim» for a meeting, this week, at the headquarters of the World Health Organization in Cairo, includes those responsible for Preventive Medicine states the Middle East and North Africa, to discuss ways to combat the virus and prevent its spread, and after that caused the deaths of 55 cases, including 38 cases in Saudi Arabia .
The Undersecretary for Preventive Medicine, in a statement to «Egyptian today», that the ministry took 174 samples of pilgrims returning from Saudi Arabia last year for analysis, and the results were free from the virus, also withdrew number 400 sample of citizens, who are suffering from the same symptoms of infection «Corona» and came also results free of injury, in addition to free other samples obtained by the ministry from 2000 infected with pneumonia on the level of the Republic of virus «Corona», pointing out that the ministry got samples of traveling to and from countries infected with the virus.
He stressed that the ministry is continuing to take measures to monitor the disease through hospitals diets, but will not impose restrictions on pilgrims or pilgrims traveling to Saudi Arabia until the arrival of assurances from the World Health Organization need to impose restrictions on travelers, while Dr Zine El Abidine Taher, Director of Infectious Diseases, the Leaders receive a daily report of the Directorate of Health Affairs, did not show the cases so far.

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