Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Isolation of 7 More Camel in Jeddah for #MERS #Coronavirus

November 12, 2013

After confirming the injury a beauty virus Corona the day before yesterday, the Ministry of Agriculture for isolating 7 Ebel again after suspected bird flu in order to while making sure her through the necessary tests. 
said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture for Research and Agricultural Development, a spokesman for the ministry Eng Jaber Monthly that the Ministry of Health is The first injury was discovered by a beauty in one barn containing 8 camels, located south of Jeddah neighborhood winery. The monthly that has been treated with such beauty isolating infected animal first, and then isolate the camel suspected bird flu and so ensure safety of the virus, indicating that a team from the ministries of agriculture, health, the daily and periodically withdraw blood samples for Ebel eight and avoided them, isolate, isolation, completely humans and animals and control. 
and conduct revealed randomly on camels in the coming period, said Monthly: I do not anticipate events, We will make sure first that the camels are the main source of transmission of the virus and then there will be action taken by the ministry in coordination with the other parties to the camels. 
his part, said Assistant Undersecretary for livestock in the Ministry of Agriculture Engineer Sami Ben Solomon Alnhat's "home" The Ministry of Health is primarily responsible for this, because it relates to human beings, so they must make sure the virus and make necessary analysis, while The role of the Ministry of Agriculture in the development of camel suspected bird flu in an isolated place and follow veterinarians have sampling and make sure the owner and procedures pending completion of the procedures and Ministry of Health. 
, the Ministry of Health had announced the day before yesterday they discovered were newly infected with "Corona" However, the situation is not between humans, but for "camel", and this was considered by the ministry groundbreaking to find out the source of the virus that causes respiratory syndrome Middle East that resulted in the death of 53 cases in the Kingdom so far, while did not know the true source of the virus and the studies have been conducted on bats and camels, which numbers in the Kingdom with 900 thousand.

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