Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus Kuwait Doctor Suspected Case Critical

November 13, 2013
I learned the " Gazette " informed sources that Adan Hospital yesterday saw the emergence of the first infected " Corona " in the country, a citizen in the fifth end of his contract , indicating that he was in serious condition and is very critical , and now lying in the isolation room , Department of Internal Medicine at the hospital said .

The sources said that the emergence of the first cases of " Corona " mobilized the Ministry of Health, which rushed Kiedyoha an urgent meeting yesterday afternoon to discuss the measures to be taken by the ministry, in fear of the increasing number of patients because of the advent of winter , which may help to increase HIV infection due to move to people across the breathing .

She explained that " preventive health " in the ministry will examine the contacts of the case , as well as a comprehensive survey of the patient's home and his family , noting that the Department of Public Health will awareness campaigns during the coming period to raise awareness of the disease and its modes of transmission and ways to combat and prevent it.

The sources said that the ministry will be equipped laboratories additional to examine samples of patients who may be suspected of having a future with the virus , as well as send some samples to laboratories reliable world to see results quickly, calling for coordination with the World Health Organization and invite some experts to stay in Kuwait period to deal with this virus and training medical staff to deal with him .

It is worth mentioning that the World Health Organization ( WHO ) launched a virus " Corona " Middle East virus , also known as the " new Corona virus " or " Nofal Corona " , a coronary virus was discovered on September 24, 2012. And he was at the beginning of a number of different names , such as SARS or SARS - like Saudi Arabia in some foreign

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