Monday, November 11, 2013

#MERS #Coronavirus MOH Saudi Arabia Acknowledges Confirms Camel Might Be Source of Infection

November 11, 2013
Order from the Ministry of Health on the lookout for everyone on the latest developments of the virus Corona virus that causes AIDS Middle East respiratory MERS-CoV and reference to the statement of the Ministry of Health, the former regarding recording cases of HIV Coruna in Jeddah, a citizen at the age of 43 years and who is still receiving treatment at a hospital the province, and within the work of Investigation epidemiological played by the ministry in a scientific and systematic lost ministry has examined contacts of infected according to scientific standards followed, as the ministry in its quest to find out and investigate the source of infection to take samples from the environment surrounding the patient including a range of beauty in a barn belonging to the patient, has shown a positive beauty to the initial laboratory tests for the virus.

The Ministry is currently in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and the scientific to confirm tests and virus isolation and compared in terms of genetic makeup with HIV patient, and, if proven match the virus infected the patient and phrases it discovers for the first time in the world and is open to know the source of this virus and will, God willing, in the knowledge of the world of epidemiological disease and its modes of transmission. 

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