Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kuwait 2 Cases Suspected #Coronavirus Patient and Doctor #MERS

" Rai " : the appearance of the first cases of HIV " Corona " in Kuwait
Wednesday 13 November 2013, last updated 00:13
Healthy sources revealed the newspaper " Al Rai " Kuwaiti appearance of the first cases of HIV " Corona " in Kuwait citizen lay in intensive care at Al-Adan Hospital , doctors described his condition as "serious".
The sources said he was also suspected of infecting the doctor supervising the patient , where she developed symptoms of high temperature .
The sources pointed out that Doctors Hospital of communicable diseases were not able to transfer the patient to the hospital due to his poor health , pointing to lift the state of emergency " in force " in anticipation of receiving infected cases , and joins Kuwait to the rest of the Gulf states, which appeared " Corona " with the exception of Bahrain.


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