Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kuwait Ministry of Health announces its first case of #Coronavirus #MERS

November 13, 2013

Said the spokesman for the Committee of the virus, "Corona" in the Ministry of Health and head of the combat epidemics d. Musab good for the registration of the first case of a citizen virus Corona, stressing at the same time that the patient was isolated in a hospital in communicable diseases, pointing out that the situation is believed to be the product of travel .
said Saleh told a news conference held today at the Department of Public Health that medical teams had to limit contacts of the situation shows that there are no symptoms of the disease, and that one of the doctors suspected of being infected, but tests proved their safety .
explained the good that the patient Access Hospital Adan Day 7 of this month and was suffering from high fever and cough, was transferred to a hospital in communicable diseases and deposited Care Intensive isolated in a good place and conveniently away from the proliferation risks based on policies protocol to deal with such cases, pointing out that the patient's condition is critical which is on a respirator .
stressed the good that the patient's condition is under control and will continue to be the case in contact with him to make sure they are free from any symptoms of contentment their safety and this may take 14 days, noting that medical devices on alert and continue with all actors, whether public or private to monitor any communication باشتباه infected "Corona . "
and the good that the disease is new does not vaccinate him and the best way is to prevent it .

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