Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The first injury 'Corona' in Kuwait - Suspected Doctor with #MERS #Coronavirus

November 13, 2013
Alert in the 'force' after suspected transmission of the infection to the doctor
Informed sources revealed healthy for 'opinion' about the appearance of the first cases of HIV «Corona» citizen lying in the intensive care unit at Adan Hospital, doctors described his condition as 'serious'. 
The sources said he was also suspected of infecting the doctor supervising the patient, where she developed symptoms of high temperature. 
The sources pointed out that Doctors Hospital of communicable diseases were not able to transfer the patient to the hospital due to his poor health, referring to the lifting of the state of emergency in the «force» in anticipation of receiving infected cases, and joins Kuwait to the rest of the Gulf states, which appeared «Corona» the exception of Bahrain.


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