Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kuwait Cases List & Comments #MERS #Coronavirus

Translations.  Ugly Translations.  From the previous articles on the first case, I am skirting the recent two articles, that are mixing me up, and have composed the following list.   It can always be changed accordingly.

Name:  52(M)
From:  Kuwait
Onset:  ?
Adm:  11/7  Al-Adan Hospital, high fever & cough
Adm:  11/13 Hospital Communicable Diseases, Al Farwaniyah Governorate
Status:  ICU Critical.  Respirator.  11/14:  Reassuring
Note:  Recently returned from Saudi Arabia
Confirmed:  11/13

Name:  47
From:  Kuwait
Onset:  ?
Adm:  ?
Status:  reassuring
Notes:  No contact with above patient.
Confirmed:  11/14

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