Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Doctors More Relaxed This Year, Only Wear Masks In Negative Pressure Rooms With Cases #H7N9

January 15, 2014

"Now into the negative pressure rooms, we do not like last armed only need to wear masks, general protective can." Gu Qin said, from the research point of view, this ability is very limited spread of the virus, so this protection enough. Compared to last year's tension, medical mentality obviously a lot easier.
  Though relaxed state of mind, but the work, but he can not relax. "At present this patient, there is still a team, 24-hour health indicators to track changes in my daily night, even if not in the ward, and doctors will use micro-channel exchange of the latest situation." Gu Qin said.
  In addition to the treatment of existing patients, Gu Qin there is an important job, and that is in conjunction with other experts, re-reading "film", troubleshoot pneumonia.

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