Thursday, January 16, 2014

H7N9 2014 Case List revised & updated. List of 6 cases reported today

I have revised and updated the case list.  It is located for your convenience, in the upper right hand corner of the side-bar.  I've made a change from a case in Zhejiang, moving it over to Guizhou Province.  Cases are recorded in the Province that announces them...not the Province where they fell ill.  The red numbers are deaths.

Total Cases:  41
Total Deaths:  4

Below are the cases reported on, as of 10:00 am EST today:

Date of Report:  1/16/14
Name:  20(F)
From:  Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou
Adm:  ICU Hangzhou
Confirmed:  1/15
Note:  Farmer, poultry exposure.

Date of Report:  1/16/14
Name:  58(M)
From:  Jiaojiang
Adm:  ICU Taizhou
Confirmed:  1/16/14
Note:  Farmer, poultry exposure

Date of Report:  1/16/14
Name:  59(M) Fu, Retiree
From:  Haizhu District, Guangzhou City
Adm:  Stable, Guangzhou City
Confirmed:  1/16/14

Date of Report:  76(F) Wan Xing, Retiree
From:  Foshan
Adm:  ICU Foshan City Hospital
Confirmed:  1/16/14
Note:  Retired

Date of Report:  1/16/14
Name:  60(M) Xu
From:  Quanzhou Luojiang District
Adm:  1/16 Quanzhou serious
Note:  self-emploed

Shanghai imported from Anhui Province
Date of Report:  1/16/14
Name:  54(M) Yang
From:  Wuhu City, Anhui Province
Adm:  Shanghai hospital
Confirmed:  1/15

We've also had a death reported today:

Date of Report:  1/6/14
Name:  71(M) Lee -Farmer
From:  Yangjiang City, Yangdong County
Onset:  1/1/14
Adm:  1/2/14 People’s Hospital outpatient
Adm:  1/4  ICU
Confirmed:  1/6/14
Notes:  Exposure not clear.  65 close contacts
Died:  1/15

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