Sunday, January 12, 2014

#H7N9 Guangzhou 29(M) CDC Interview: Timeline

Translation -- Excerpt
Guangzhou's first H7N9 case in the local market Maidou only 10 meters away from the live poultry stalls
Last night, deputy director of Guangzhou CDC Yang Zhicong introduce an interview with reporters, the patients in the Baiyun District of Guangzhou City and lived for many years, mainly in the Tianhe District, usually sand East Meat Market tofu business. June 3, he felt malaise, aches, feeling very uncomfortable. But did not pay attention, the 4th symptoms continue, the 5th morning before going to the nearest hospital. "At that time he had a fever of about 41 degrees, a few days after treatment, the symptoms repeatedly, on the 9th morning symptoms, fever, back pain, sore throat, to the south of the hospital after emergency observation, hospital revenue." Yang Zhicong revealed that the hospital was on the suspect he may have contracted H7N9 bird flu, then made a specimen collection.
  Yang Zhicong said, the survey found that a total of close contact with patients who have 39 people, including family members, medical staff admissions and friends. "It's 39 people have been inventoried registration swabs taken, the 11th in the afternoon the results came out, all the samples were negative for the virus. No fever, pneumonia and other flu-like symptoms."
Yang Zhicong said, could be the source of infection in patients with sand east of live poultry market stalls nearby, "There are more than 100 market stalls, there are four poultry stalls, a recent patient from about 10 meters!" 

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