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H7N9 Human Case List 2014

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H7N9 Human Cases 2014

Case List in order of Province:

Zhejiang:  12  
A.   –Shaoxing City
I.      Zhuji City  (34) (75)
B.    Ningbo City
I.      Yinzhou District  (30) (34)
a.    Cixi City (41)
b.    Jiangdong District (59)
C.   Jiaxing City (51)
I.      Pinghu County 1 (79)
D.   Rui’an City (38)
E.    Jinhua
I.      Yiwu (78)
F.    Hangzhou
I.      Binjiang District (29)
II.    Xiaoshan District (58)

Shanghai:  3
A.   --Shanghai City 3  (86) (58) (56)

Jiangsu:  2
A.   Nanjing City 2 (54F) (54M)

Guangdong:  9
A.   Foshan:  6
I.      Nanhai District  (59) (42)
a.    Lishui Town 2 (47) (28)
b.    Jiujiang Town 1 (51)
c.    Shishan Town 1 (46)

B.   Yangjiang City 1
I.      Yangdong County 1 (71)

C.   Shenzhen City 2
I.      Luohu District 1 (31)

II.    Longgang District 1 (76)

Fujian:  2
A.   Quanzhou City
I.      Hui’an County 1 (38)
II.    Jinjiang  (50)
Hong Kong:  1
A.   Sham Shui Po District 1 (65)

Guangzhou:  1
A.   Guangzhou City
I.      Baiyun District 1 (29)

Detailed Case List in Chronological Order of Occurrence:

Date of Report:  1/4/14
Name:  86(M) Zhou
From:  Shanghai City
Onset:  12/26/13
Adm:  1/3/14  ICU
Confirmed:  1/3/14
Notes:  Co-morbidities (chronic lung disease) went live bird market, did not slaughter birds, but closer look at side of slaughter area.

Date of Report:  1/5/14
Name: 34(F) Cai
From:  Zhuji
Onset:  12/29
Adm:  1/2/14 First Affiliated Hospital, Hangzhou
1/4/14:  Zhejiang Univ. School of Medicine
Confirmation:  1/4
Status:  Critical Condition

Date of Report:  1/6/14
Name:  47(M) Xiemou – Poultry worker
From:  Lishui Town, Nanha Dist., Foshan City, poultry worker
Onset:  12/25
Adm:  1/3/14 ICU First Affiliated Hosp. Guangzhou
Confirmed:  1/6/14
Notes:  60 contacts

Date of Report:  1/6/14
Name:  71(M) Lee -Farmer
From:  Yangjiang City, Yangdong County
Onset:  1/1/14
Adm:  1/2/14 People’s Hospital outpatient
Adm:  1/4  ICU
Confirmed:  1/6/14
Notes:  Exposure not clear.  65 close contacts

Date of Report:  1/7/14
Name:  31(M) Ou
From:   Hung Wai Street, Jiefang Road, Luohu Dist, Shenzhen City
Onset:  12/30/13 fever, fatigue.  Self-medication
12/31:  worse
1/3:  Adm - Bao’an Dist People’s Hospital
1/5:  Transferred to ICU
1/6:  Confirmed
1/7:  Transferred to Shenzhen Third People’s Hosp.
current status 1/8:  Stable.
Notes:  No live poultry exposure.  35 contacts.  All test negative
Date of Report:  1/8/14
Name:  54(F) Qu
From:  Nanjing City
Onset:  12/20/13
Adm:  12/27 ICU
Confirmed:  1/8/14
Note:  Exposure to live poultry

Hong Kong
Date of Report:  1/8/14
Name:  65(M)
From:  Sham Shui Po,
1/1 & 1/2: Luohu Dist. Shenzhen,
Onset:  1/3/14 cough, fever, shortness of breath
Adm:  1/7 ICU Queen Mary Hospital
Confirmed:  1/8
Note:  Co-morbidities.  Been to Shenzhen Luohu District on Jan. 1-2.  (confirmed case 31M from same area.)
Visited market on January 1, did not enter.
Wife in quarantine, no symptoms. 
Update:  1/9 – 1 family member, 4 patients from same cubicle @ Queen Mary Hosp. put on Tamiflu.  90 other contacts; 5 of those developed non-specific sym’s, 3 of which were negative, 2 are pending.

DOD:  1/13/14

Date of Report:  1/9/14
Name:  51(F)  Choi [Cui Xing Nvzi]
From:  Jiujiang Town, Nanhai, Foshan City
12/31 – to vegetable market buy chickens to slaughter @ home
Markets:  Luopu, Yi Feng – closed both.
Onset:  12/31 fever 40, cough, take expectorant
Adm:  1/1 Hospital in Foshan, Jiujiang, 2nd anti-infect. treatment
Adm:  1/3 ICU First People’s Hospital Foshan City, Significant cough, shortness of breath
1/3:  intubated
1/4:  ICU
Confirmed:  1/7 Foshan City CDC
Sym’s on Adm: fever, low blood condition
Breathing more difficult after a few hours.
After 10 hours:  breathing machine
Note:  21 contacts .  Contact with poultry.

Date of Report:  1/9/14
Name:  51(F)
From:  Jiaxing City, Zhejiang
Onset:  12/28
Adm:  1/6 ICU Hangzhou Hospital

Date of Report:  1/10/14
Name:  42(F) Liu/Ryu
From:  Yanbu, Nanhai District, Foshan City
Onset:  1/5
Adm:  1/8, local hospital given tamiflu
Adm:  1/9 Hospital, mild case
Confirmed:  1/10
Note:  20 conacts.  Poultry worker.
Date of Report:  1/10/14
Name:  59(F) Liu
From:  Nanhai District, Foshan (retirement home)
Onset:  12/29
Adm:  1/2 , tamiflu, mild case
Confirmed:  1/10
Note:  No poultry contact.  5 contacts.
Date of Report:  1/10/14
Name:  79(F) Huang Moumou
From:  Pinghu, Zhejiang
Confirmed:  1/9
Adm:  ICU Jiaxing

Date of Report:  1/10/14
Name:  30(M) Liu
From:  Yinzhou District, Ningbo City,  Zhejiang
Confirmed:  1/9
Onset:  1/2  fever, cough
Adm:  1/7 ICU Ningbo
Note:  Food Sales

Date of Report:  1/10/14
Name:  38(M) Zeng
From:  Hui’an County, Quanzhou City
Onset:  1/3 coughing, wheezing & other sym’s.
Adm:  1/8
Confirmed:  1/10/14
DOD:  1/10
Note:  Co-morbidities

Date of Report:  1/10/14
Name:  54(M) Xuan
From:  Nanjing City
Adm:  1/9 Nanjing Stable
Confirmed:  1/9
Note:  2nd case this year.

Date of Report:  1/11/14
Name:  29(M) Panmou
From:  Baiyun District, Guangzhou City
Onset:  1/3, malaise, aches
1/4:  sym’s continue
1/5:  fever 41, treatment at nearest hospital
1/9:  fever, back pain, sore throat, to ER.  Samples taken.
Adm:  1/9 ICU  tamiflu
Note:  Sha East market Vendor selling Bean Curd in Tianhe District.  39 Contacts, all neg.
Works 10 meters away from live poultry stall.

Date of Report:  1/11/14
Name:  76(M) Zhao
From:  Buji, Longgang District, Shenzhen
Onset:  1/3
Adm:  1/9 ICU, Third People’s Hospital, tamiflu
Note:  no poultry exposure.  Co-morbidities.  37 contacts.

Date of Report:  1/11/14
Name:  58(F)
From:  Shanghai
Onset:  1/1 ICU
Adm:  1/8
Confirmed:  1/10
Note:  Poultry contact

Date of Report:  1/11/14
Name:  56(M)
From:  Shanghai
Onset:  1/6
Adm:  1/9 ICU
Confirmation:  1/11/14
Note:  Poultry contact

Date of Report:  1/11/14
Name:  75(F) Li
From:  Zhuji, Zhejiang
Onset:  1/1
Adm:  1/5 Hangzhou
DOD:  1/9
Confirmed:  1/10

Date of Report:  1/12/14
Name:  78(M) Yiwu
From:  Zhejiang
Confirmed:  1/11
Adm:  ICU Hangzhou Hospital

Date of Report:  1/12/14
Name:  34(M) Mengmou
From:  Yinzhou District, Ningbo City
Confirmed:  1/12/14
Onset:  1/1 fever, headache
1/8:  local hospital, outpatient
Adm:  1/10 ICU Ninbo Hospital
Note:  No link with earlier case from Ningbo.

Date of Report:  1/13/14
Name:  28(F) Po
From:  Nanhai, Lishui, Foshan
Onset:  1/8
Adm:  1/9 Outpatient, Tamiflu - Nanhai District 5th People’s Hosp.
Adm:  1/12 Local Hospital
Confirmation:  1/12
Note:  Poultry seller.  Stable Condition.

Date of Report:  1/13/14
Name:  46(M)
From:  EU, Shishan Town, Nanhai District
Onset:  1/6
Adm:  1/9 ICU Local Hospital
Note:  home of live poultry rearing

Date of Report:  1/13/14
Name:  41(F)
From:  Cixi City, Ningbo City
Onset: 1/8 temperature
Adm:  ICU
Confirmed:  1/13
Note:  Poultry farm sales.

Date of Report:  1/13/14
Name:  59(F)
From:  Jiangdong District, Ningbo City
Onset:  1/7
Adm:  ICU
Note:  Catering svcs.  Poultry exposure.

Zhejiang – Imported to Guizhou  
Date of Report:  1/13/14
Name:  38(M) Meitan  County Guizhou, working in Ruian City Zhejiang
Onset:  1 month ago
1/4:  Returned to Meitan for medication
1/8:  Transferred to 1st People’s Hospital Zunyi City
DOD:  1/9
Confirmed:  1/11

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