Monday, January 13, 2014

#H7N9 Hong Kong Case List [3 Cases in 1 month including 2 deaths]

Today's death, represents a total of 3 cases confirmed in Hong Kong. 
Two were reported at the end of 2013.  Going from date of confirmation, there have been 3 confirmed cases in one month, which include 2 deaths:

Hong Kong
Date of Report:  12/2/13
Name:  Tri Mawarti 36(F)
From:  Hong Kong.  Indonesian domestic helper
Onset:  11/21
Adm:  11/27 Queen Mary Hospital
Adm:  11/29 transferred to ICU
Sym’s on Adm:  Shortness of breath, cough
Status:  Serious (12/9 update) fever subsided, no longer needs ECMO treatment.
Confirmed:  12/2
Notes:  Traveled to Shenzhen, Longgang District, contact with live poultry.  Domestic worker form Indonesia.  Woman cannot clearly identify source of poultry.
139 Cases, 45 deaths.  (Nov. 6th statement).
11/17 – Traveled to Shenzhen to buy live chicken @ market, slaughtering & cooking for employers’ flat @ Palatial Coast, Tuen Mun.
12/5 Update:  17 contacts sent to Lady McLehose Holiday Village  in Sai Kung for quarantine (1st time procedure has been activated since SARS outbreak in 2003).  Among 17 are 2 employers & 8 family members, including 2 sons aged 10 & 13 and parents aged 78 & 80 who live with them.  10 family members and helper’s 33yo friend who accompanied her to Shenzhen have tested negative.  4 of the 10 have upper respiratory sym’s.  6 patients @ same ward as helper at Tuen Mun Hospital are waiting to be tested.   2 private Drs in Tuen Mun have to be tested.
12/6 update:  Case Tested 3 times before positive reading.
200 under observation.
12/9 Update:  17 close contacts test neg.  11 have completed quarantine, 6 remain isolated.
12/9 Update:  No contacts have tested positive.  5 close contacts are in quarantine.
1/5/14 Update:  Expected to be discharged soon

Hong Kong
Date of Report:  12/6/13
Name:  80/83(M)
From:  Fu Yong Xin He District, Shenzhen
Adm:  11/13 – 29 Shenzhen Bao’an District People’s Hosp.
Adm:  12/3 - transferred to Princess Margaret Hospital.
Sym’s on arrival:  no fever.
Status:  12/9 Stable
12/3 arrived HK w/3 family members via Shenzhen Bay Port & took taxi to Tuen Mun Hospital & was adm for chronic illness
12/6:  developed fever & put in isolation 
Family members who accompanied him remain unsymptomatic.
Taxi Driver & his 3 family members (1 man & 2 women) on 12/3 to contact hotline.
Contact tracing underway.
12/8 update:  critical condition.  7 of the 19 were moved from Princess Margaret Hospital to a quarantine centre set up at the Lady MacLehose Holiday Village in Sai Kung.  The rest remain in the hospital in Kwai Chung.
1 or 2 of 19 had mild sym’s of upper resp. tract infetion.
Experts believe some chickens in Shenzhen had been infected with the virus.
12/9 update:  19 close contacts tested neg (include 13 adm to Tuen Mun Hosp & given Tamiflu; 5 family member @ Princ. Marg. Hosp. asymptomatic; Taxi Driver @ Princ. Marg. asymp.) 130 others tested negative.
Source of Home address:
DOD:  12/26/13

Hong Kong
Date of Report:  1/8/14
Name:  65(M) [possible contact case 31(M)]
From:  Sham Shui Po,
1/1 & 1/2: Luohu Dist. Shenzhen,
Onset:  1/3/14 cough, fever, shortness of breath
Adm:  1/7 ICU Queen Mary Hospital
Confirmed:  1/8
Note:  Co-morbidities.  Been to Shenzhen Luohu District on Jan. 1-2.  (confirmed case 31M from same area.)
Visited market on January 1, did not enter.
Wife in quarantine, no symptoms. 
Update:  1/9 – 1 family member, 4 patients from same cubicle @ Queen Mary Hosp. put on Tamiflu.  90 other contacts; 5 of those developed non-specific sym’s, 3 of which were negative, 2 are pending.
DOD:  1/13/14

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