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#H7N9 Guangdong Contact Case of Father and Daughter & Some Discharges

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According to statistics, since August 2013 in Huizhou since the first reported cases, as of January 18, 2014, 23 cases were reported in Guangdong Province cases, 2 deaths. By patient place of residence, the distribution of cases in Guangzhou four cases, Shenzhen four cases (including 2 cases of discharge), 8 cases of Foshan, Huizhou and one case (already discharged), Dongguan, three cases (of which one case was discharged, 1 death), Yangjiang 3 cases (1 case of death).
New Case: 62-year-old man after a number of hospital
Shenzhen, a retired 62-year-old man was diagnosed weekend H 7N 9 infected with avian influenza virus, has now been sent to the Shenzhen City hospital for treatment. This man lived in the Futian District, January 6 this year, fever, headache and other symptoms, have visited Peking University Shenzhen Hospital and many other hospitals for treatment.Review by the provincial CDC now, people diagnosed with H 7N 9 confirmed cases of avian influenza infection.
"At the time when he went to Peking University Shenzhen Hospital outpatient hospital treatment on their use of Tamiflu. Later deterioration, lack of hospital beds could he stay City Second People's Hospital Respiratory carried out anti-bacterial treatment, get some fever control. "Yesterday, the Third People's Hospital of Infectious Diseases district director Yuan Jing said, Zhou relatively mild, after two days of treatment has been improved significantly. Professionals now go to the patient's home and the hospital doctor had its epidemiological investigation and disposition, not currently found related abnormalities. The first case and the second case of human infection of bird flu H 7N 9 patients previously diagnosed are to be discharged today.

The first patient in Shenzen is the 31yo (reported on 1/7/14.  The second patient is the 65 yo, who is deceased.  The third is the 76 yo (reported on 1/11).  I would say they are both discharged.  Leaving the 62 yo reported on today. Hat-tip to ironorehopper of Flu Trackers for the information below. It appears the the 5yo is the son of a previous case: [Panmou 5yo is the daughter of Panmou 29yo reported on 1/11] 

Excerpts from the same article as above:
Reported that her daughter Panmou file management as the first cases of sand Guangzhou East markets tofu. She has introduced, according to the child's mother, "she also went along with their parents over the markets, currently everything is okay, nothing serious symptoms, just to be here for seven days in the hospital observation and treatment."
She has told reporters, "The child is the 13th initial symptoms began to appear, the 15th began to monitor the child has more than 38 ℃ fever, cough, and I followed up immediately communicated to the CDC staff, then was sent to Guangzhou 8th the People's Hospital for treatment. "the discovery, treatment time, the child's situation has been significantly improved, seven close contacts yet found an exception. "On the 17th in the evening after the review sample materials, today (the 18th) laboratory testing has turned negative, I believe you can discharged as soon as possible", the Guangzhou relevant agency heads told reporters.

Guangzhou 4 Case case

● Panmou male, aged 29, is living with and street Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Tianhe District, Longgang Road, Sha East market operators tofu file.January 11 diagnosed, currently in critical condition.
● Fumou male, aged 59, retired, currently residing in Haizhu District of Guangzhou. January 16 diagnosed, currently in a stable condition.
● Panmou female, 5 years old, currently residing in Baiyun District of Guangzhou City. January 18 confirmed that the current mild, Guangzhou first cases daughter.
● Yang female, aged 83, retired personnel, currently residing in Liwan District of Guangzhou City. January 18 diagnosed, currently in critical condition.
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