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China: Jiangmen: 23,400,000 will be compulsory vaccination of poultry

2008-12-12 09:30

Jiangmen animal disease prevention and control center personnel testing serum antibody levels to monitor poultry. Zhao Huanming photo

At present, all kinds of animal diseases is high season in Hong Kong recently highly pathogenic bird flu, will be held in Jiangmen City in the near future to carry out a large-scale compulsory vaccination of poultry autumn and winter, the city will be delegated more than 587 10,000 milliliters of vaccines, immunization of poultry 10,000 over 2340. At present, our city has not found any bird flu, market chickens, ducks, such as poultry sales business as usual.

"Five non-leakage" destroy the immune dead

Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, is an important poultry areas, including rare birds, currently the city's poultry population of about 41,000,000, of which, the new district and the city of Kaiping keeping the largest. In view of the current situation in the prevention and control, in order to ensure the healthy development of the livestock industry in our city and the income of farmers, the city recently allocated a number of bird flu vaccines, focusing on deployment to carry out compulsory vaccination of poultry fall and winter activities. City, a major plant and animal epidemic prevention and control requirements of the Office of the Leading Group, municipalities, districts to organize a serious effort to complete the task this year, autumn and winter epidemic prevention work, particularly backyard poultry, and make sure that the "five no leakage" (do not drain the rural county, township No leakage village, the village households do not leak, do not leak poultry farmers, poultry do not leak pin), should be free to make efforts to ensure free, the eradication of immune dead; at the same time, it is necessary to human organizations, to enhance the scale of farms, especially waterfowl field epidemic prevention supervision and inspection, Livestock and poultry and to strengthen supervision and inspection of circulation, not on the quarantine certification, will be allowed to enter circulation, and offenders dealt with according to law. Infected found or suspected of Infected poultry should be disposed of in a timely manner to prevent the spread of the disease.

Poultry immunization rate of 97.5%

It is understood that the city epidemic prevention and control of highly pathogenic avian influenza prevention and control include the "two blocks", namely: compulsory vaccination to prevent and control and monitoring. In the compulsory vaccination, the January to October this year, financial departments at all levels have allocated 7,590,000 yuan, paid more than 7580 ml of vaccine, immunization of poultry more than 150,000,000 only, immunization rate of 97.5 percent. Now, more than 50 long-term nature of poultry, including partridges, pigeons, to do all in our city by the state mandatory immunization.

At the same time, to monitor prevention and control has been perfect. January to November this year, the city's monitoring of a total of 6058 were poultry serum antibodies, the passing rate reached 84.42 percent (70% of the national standard is more than qualified), which also shows that after the compulsory immunization and the prevention and control, the city of highly pathogenic bird flu Prevention better results. In addition, the city of Jiangmen has also established four early warning forecast system at the village level all have the basic inspectors. (Jiangmen Daily News reporter Zhao Huanming)

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