Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beijing 128 close contacts of the lifting of observation and 72 are still observed

At 3:04 on January 11, 2009
Yesterday, the Municipal Health Bureau released the latest avian flu prevention and control of the situation, as of January 9, the city's human bird flu cases in close contact with 200 people, 128 people had been lifted the current medical observation and are under medical observation in A total of 72 close contacts of people.
Municipal Health Bureau revealed that the city's medical institutions of various types of high-risk groups and focus groups conducted epidemiological surveillance.

From the monitoring situation, no bird flu case report or medical observation. The city's medical institutions at all levels to carry out all kinds of unexplained pneumonia cases of monitoring and investigation, no report of unusual circumstances.

The city's disease control agency a total of bird flu high-risk groups to carry out pro-active monitoring to monitor a total of 48,862 people, found no cases of influenza-like. The city's disease control agency to carry out pro-active monitoring of influenza 82,987 households, a total of 331,951 people to monitor and found 142 cases of influenza-like.

Municipal Health Bureau reminded the public that if there is influenza and human bird flu prevention knowledge aspects of the Beijing public health services can call the hotline 12320 for consultation, if found disease, I do not know how to handle dead birds can also be reported through the telephone.

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