Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mekong Delta: avian influenza gumshoe

Thursday, 08/01/2009, 03:25 (GMT +7)

Management of running ducks are in peril stages in Mekong Delta. Meanwhile, the control, vaccination for farms still small lot when grid network in veterinary facilities too thin. To Chinese New Year, state trading live poultry markets in the Mekong Delta Van Tran spread.

According to records of the veterinary region VII (in Can Tho), in 2008, Mekong Delta have at least 34 points flu occurred in poultry in 21 communes belonging to 7 provinces and cities in the region. Flu has died and 31,350 children destroys poultry. HPAI appear in localities such as Tra Vinh, Dong Thap, Soc Trang, Ca Mau, Kien Giang, Can Tho City.

Indeed, many local authorities before the "hot points" occur HPAI in the case of causing death as Hau Giang, but recently, thanks to implementation of many solutions have been determined to eliminate the avian cảm. Looking to "map" HPAI in the Mekong Delta in 2008, "confidence and frequency of" avian influenza reduced significantly. This is a sign praiseworthy. Song is also one of the causes leading to the officials and people in many localities is lơ, owner of the HPAI.

Meanwhile, the control movements of poultry only drastically when outbreaks occur, but when no local outbreaks almost empty? "The preventive last time in the provinces are not synchronized. Without the strict coordination between the local capabilities will happen on. Specifically, each of which perform a type of vaccination, should not the most difficult to manage "- Department heads Its italy Dong Thap concubine Hien urgent.

In Hau Giang, around 3 million children influenza, vaccination stage 1 of 97%; however, to only 2 first vaccine more than 60% of the total flocks. This status is similar happens in many localities. The difficulty of the local is: force veterinary slim, a small breeding population, not be nhốt, the rate of vaccinated chickens in the garden always drop lower reaches.

"Form raising small difficult management is epidemic, especially in remote areas. Results serum samples tested, the ability to protect the birds do not meet the regulations, the industry is very concerned in this cold season "- Nguyen Hien Trung, Director Department Its italy Hau Giang worry.

The veterinary line basis slim is one of the causes leading to the prevention of avian influenza in the Mekong Delta "They two ribs": the vaccination will "leopard skin" for farms small, not managed to thoroughly migration of ducks running contract.

There are comments that: the management of selling live poultry is "treo ngoe": Regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is a not-for selling live poultry in the points but the market still sell suffuse can not control.

Its italy An Giang, said: At present the sale of beef cattle are very sophisticated, not ướp welded into the meat as before the switch pump into meat, look in the eyes often be difficult to detect. If measures are not processed in time these cases will be very harmful for consumers, especially in the Tet festival.

There are proposals: to tightly control the disease of cattle and poultry in the coming time, the province to be responsible for the self-government, the AP, organizations can manage. Accordingly, local governments have responsibilities in the management of the village, the province also check the district, district test in the new hope is closely! The mobilization of officers to enter the base is needed.

However, there are opinions for that of officials at grassroots level have ganh "too much work, should not" set "the focus on them. The main building and strengthening networks veterinary facilities as "nuclear" in preventing avian influenza outbreaks in Mekong Delta; strengthening propaganda enhance awareness to prevent avian influenza with the farm households are raising the cảm.

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