Saturday, January 10, 2009

DR Congo / Matadi: rumors around the Ebola spreads panic among the population

Date: 09 Jan 2009

This revelation was made last Wednesday by the provincial medical inspector, during a crisis meeting held on this subject. Everything is from a letter referring to a patient who has left Lubumbashi for Bas Congo. This follow treatment Kisantu, plus or minus 245 km northeast of Matadi, said Dr. Firmin Mapuya. Information that has not been confirmed after verification, reports

The provincial medical inspector reassured that no case of Ebola was reported in the province.

It calls, however, the population to be vigilant.

Dr. Mapuya Firmin said: "We have been contacted by our friends who were in the process of following a case of souspiçion. According to the information in their possession, this case would have to come from Lubumbashi in the province. I can say that 'At present, we have failed to verify the information that this case would be in the province. The public must remain vigilant. We believe that every family, to introduce the health problem, should contact the health center for the signs are checked by qualified personnel to allow for early management. "

Moreover, Tanzania has sent health officials in Mbeya, Kagera, Rukwa, Kigoma and Mwanza, five border regions of the DRC, to implement preventive measures against the Ebola virus that has struck the DRC since late November. The announcement was made on Thursday by the Tanzanian Ministry of Health.

According to the same source, the Tanzanian population will be informed about the causes of the Ebola virus, its symptoms and prevention measures.

Remember that Angola has already closed its north-eastern border with the DRC to protect its population from the virus

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