Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Indo: Pemkab Rembang Siaga face Bird Flu

[No where in this article dated yesterday, does it mention a suspect (AR). I did not have AR in my notes.

23 FEBRUARY 2009 9
REMBANG - Pemerintah Kabupaten (Pemkab) Rembang now standby for possible re-emergence of bird flu (Avian influenza) in the local area, following a finding that the disease in village poultry Sumurpule (Kragan) and Village Weton (Rembang), some time ago.

Sekda H Hamzah Fatoni SH MKn said, Pemkab device through a working area (SKPD) related to increased frequency of spraying disinfectant at the point that a number of suspected vulnerable bird flu cases arise.
This is done to anticipate the spread bird flu virus. Spraying is also done on a vehicle transporter cattle from outside the area in a number of the entrance area Rembang.

"We also send out letters that are important to all the offices / offices / agencies / institutions vertical, camat, and UPT puskesman whole head," he said.

There are some important things in the letter, of which, invites the community to improve the culture of clean and healthy life, to optimize the working team of bird flu, and to report immediately to know if there are birds that die suddenly. Hamzah Fatoni revealed, Pemkab also form the cadre anticipation bird flu in each district.

Besides able to do spraying, cadres binaan Agriculture can also provide counseling to the community. Recognized, at this time Pemkab still having trouble controlling the health of cattle dove (dove) peliharaan community. The birds are kept in the wild.

That is, birds removed for their own meals. While awareness of the dove in the villages is still low in the health of poultry peliharaannya.

"The dove is one of the birds the most potential to be the spread of AI virus. But most people who have dove merawatnya reluctant, "he said.

Disinggung about the condition of the two villages (Sumurpule and Weton) stated positive bird flu, Hamzah said, at least, there are three things in the support suburnya virus bird flu. According to the officials, the system of disposal of waste water does not drain or road, causing stagnant water.

Then the garbage disposal does not qualify, people close to the house, smell, and straggle. In addition, many livestock excrement.
Things that need to diwaspadai, of bird flu in poultry can occur quickly with the number of deaths is high enough.

Bird flu virus can also spread from poultry to humans, but people need not panic at the case of bird flu in the village Sumurpule and Weton. "What is important, we increase vigilance to avoid disease," he said. (jl-71)
Source: Suara Merdeka Muria

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