Friday, January 7, 2011

Asan-si, using unmanned aircraft · AI control of foot and mouth disease

using unmanned aircraft · AI control of foot and mouth disease
Disinfectant spray 20 liters in 10 minutes ... in the dead zone defenses to
Fri, January 7, 2011 15:50:32

Asan-city, using the unmanned aerial vehicle, foot and mouth and started to control AI.

Asan-city, stopping the spread of the FMD and AI for the 8 th for the control of unmanned aerial plunge. Adjacent images in Cheonan and Dangjin as foot and mouth disease has occurred, by all means by all means in vitro blocked the flow of the welcomes the willingness to.

Bokgiwang market, "Foot and mouth disease is spreading at a rapid pace and the AI as a control for faster and more extensive control of unmanned air and let them conduct," he was quoted as directed.

. Asan City Agricultural Technology Center (Director yujaebeom) 7 days of freezing weather, even unmanned aircraft to operate normally after overhaul for 140 cattle raising Songak-myeon oeamri night's speech for all successfully completed pilot disinfection.

According to Asan City, unmanned aerial sprayer 20 liters of a disinfectant spray can in 10 minutes for the control of a large barn on the higher utilization. The Agriculture Technology Center, Asan City, an altar, and Agricultural Co-room units 9 and 10 with the aid of UAV control, from 8 to silsiki was the control of three-dimensional.

Asan-si official said, "using unmanned aircraft control due to be held for the first time in the country knows," and "barn, as well as the ramp and around the town square in the meantime, quarantine was a wild bird habitat areas such as conducting an intensive disinfection policy," he said.

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