Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Indo: MOH: transmission of bird flu has not mutated

January 10, 2012

The Ministry of Health stated that the bird flu virus has not mutated as public concerns.

"To this day, the bird flu virus has not mutated to cause changes in transmission, meaning that the bird flu virus transmitted from birds to humans, there is no transmission between humans , "said Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health (P2PL) Tjandra Yoga Aditama Health Ministry in Jakarta on Tuesday.

By doing so, added Tjandra, generally along still there are cases in poultry then the possible cases of bird flu in humans can occur.

"Fixed place (transmission) although transmission will not be very easily happen, "he said.

In each report suspicions of (suspect) bird flu, then the standard procedure is carried out and officers of Department of Animal Health / Animal Health will go down together into the location.

"Health workers will check for sick patients and those around him. If indeed there are people in direct contact with patients who proved positive bird flu, then those who contact it will be monitored closely and possibly treated in hospital, " said Tjandra.

people around who are in contact directly with patients may also be given the drug prevention / prophylaxis.

"If the checks or monitoring of a fever there will be further examined in depth, such as for example a child being treated in the RSP now, which Alhamdullillah lab results until now are negative," said Tjandra.

For each positive case of bird flu, in addition to patients treated in hospital intensive, Kemkes [Health Dept] will perform molecular analysis to see whether there is a mutation in the virus.

Bird flu case found in humans began in 2003 and since then the disease was found in 15 countries around the world and There still continues to report cases of bird flu from various countries around the world until now. From 2003 until December 2011 recorded the total number of bird flu cases as many as 576 people from around the world. the world's highest peak of cases occurred in 2006 as many as 115 cases. "The number of cases continues to decreased, and in 2011 there were 60 cases in the world or if the averaged roughly, then during the year 2011 and then in every month there were 5 cases of bird flu in the world, "said Tjandra. In 2011 cases of bird flu occurred in six countries, namely Egypt 38 cases, Indonesia 11 cases, 8 cases of Cambodia, Vietnam 5 cases, 2 cases of Bangladesh and China a case. "For Indonesia, most cases occurred in 2006 as well, ie 182 cases. This figure continues to decline and in 2011 in Indonesia there are 11 cases , "said Tjandra. (A043/Z003)

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