Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gaza: preparing for winter to meet all influenza viruses


publication day in the vicinity of 04 - 11 - 2012

Dr. Amr Kandil, the Central Administration of Preventive Medicine at the Ministry of Health and Population preparations ministry in general and the Gaza Preventive Medicine in particular to address the diseases of winter to include influenza viruses of all kinds of bird flu and swine and other types of emerging influenza. explained Qandil in a statement the "perimeter "The virus mumps will increase its spread with increasing the number of the injured and to the advent of winter, adding that the mumps virus, like other viruses and does not constitute danger or threat to the health of citizens or patients. noted Qandil to do sector Preventive Medicine ministry to take all preparations and specific measures of will face these seasonal diseases in terms of increasing prevalence the next stage and we on the verge of winter. It is worth mentioning that these preparations awareness among the citizens of all the different media, as well as a few up-to cases as they arise so in addition to providing vaccinations and therapeutic drugs crisis for the injured. stressed Qandil on the need to prevent the crisis to avoid getting any of the various diseases where prevention is the best way healthy and safe Taqi everyone through personal hygiene and cleanliness of the tools specific to each individual and not use common tools among family members as well as non-breathing in the aspects of each other and the need to wash permanent hands soap and water.

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