Sunday, November 4, 2012

Health: 4500 injury Alinkafah gland in schools since the emergence of the disease

{The Doctor is talking about Mumps at the beginning of this article }

The Ministry of Health and Population, the total incidence of thyroid an Alinkafah 4 thousand and 500 cases among school students since mid-September so far, including 85 \% in the age group (6-15 years).

And Dr. / Amr Kandil, head of the Preventive Medicine - said in a statement on the sidelines of a press conference held on Saturday at the Ministry of Health - that the disease is not dangerous, and there are no deaths or condition suffered complications as a result of infection. and pointed to low rates of morbidity infectious during the past year, which did not show cases of disease, polio since 2006, and measles cases decreased to 26 cases, as well as German measles cases, which did not exceed the 30 cases, pointing out that AIDS cases ranging between 300-350 case annually and Egypt from less countries in the world in the spread of the disease. and said Kandil 'that the total cases of bird flu this year, did not exceed the 10 cases, of whom died 5 cases, bringing the incidence of the disease to 168 cases since the outbreak started in 2006, He pointed out that death rates did not exceed in Egypt the 36 \% of the injury, and expected decline of the disease next year significantly. its part, said Dr. Abeer Barakat Assistant Minister of Health for Preventive Affairs said the ministry will support during the coming period infection control procedures in hospitals and medical centers, where still disease hepatitis 'C' obstacle to the Gaza Preventive Medicine.


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