Sunday, November 4, 2012

Uganda: The Marburg Virus Puzzle

[Very informative article]
By Sarah Namulondo, 4 November 2012

Dr Thimm, the man at the centre of isolating the disease, explains why it is happening.

 Since the ministry of Health declared an outbreak of the viral hemorrhagic fever, Marburg, in Kitumba sub-county in Kabale district on Oct.19, questions have been asked about the real cause, origin and efforts to find treatment for the disease.

Although the Marburg virus was first identified and traced to Uganda in 1967, the latest attack is the third in five years since 2007. It also follows very closely to a July attack of another viral hemorrhagic fever, Ebola, which killed 17 people in Kibaale district in the same region. It was the third Ebola outbreak in five years.


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