Sunday, November 4, 2012

Indonesia: Hospital Room Prepare for Bird Flu Patient


Regional General Hospital (Hospital) M Yunus Bengkulu prepare special care to anticipate patient bird flu (H5N1) due to increased cases of bird flu in the region. "We have prepared a special treatment room in anticipation of the flu patients birds due to increased cases of avian bird flu in this area, "said Director of Hospital M Yunus Bengkulu, Yusdi Zahrias Tazar Sunday.

He explained that the treatment room is provided consisting of two treatment rooms with a capacity of four beds. "In addition, a team of medical personnel were prepared consisting of specialists in internal medicine, pediatricians, general practitioners, and nurses," he said. medics assigned to a combination of several experts for handling bird flu patients requiring rapid and precise measures of various fields of expertise. 

While Head Space Kemuning Care Hospital M Yunus Bengkulu, Sin Vice Director explained, room conditions and medical teams are ready to serve when suddenly there was a bird flu patient."Every bird flu patients has provided a variety of medical equipment such as monitors, regulator drip infusion , and a ventilator to assist breathing, "he said. There are also people who suffer from the symptoms of bird flu include cough, shortness of breath, body temperature reached 40 degrees Celsius, sore throat, and no history of contact with poultry bird flu, for people who have symptoms The symptoms are asked to go to M Yunus hospital to get treatment right away. Head of Department of Agriculture and Livestock of Bengkulu, Gunadi Arif said that during October 2012, 110 birds in this area who died suddenly confirmed positive for the bird flu virus. "Ironically, most people are not willing to surviving poultry culled voluntarily despite flu virus bird that is difficult to control its spread, "he said. Regional spread of avian bird flu in Bengkulu City among others in the Village Circle West, Great Village, Kebung Tebeng, Bentiring, Plow, Nusa Indah, East Beautiful, and Sidomulyo. (ANT)

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