Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Saudi Ministry of Health: Healing a Saudi citizen of the SARS virus from the family

[There are no articles to be translated that provide more detail, than the one below].

RIYADH (AFP): The Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia on Sunday healing Saudi man of mysterious illness of a family SARS virus, which led to the death of Saudi last September. ministry said in a statement it had discovered cases of HIV Corona citizen in a hospital in the city of Riyadh, "where it was suspected his condition and was immediately scans and analyzes necessary for him to laboratories ministry," according to official Saudi Press Agency. said the ministry in a statement that he "was sent a sample to a laboratory specialized outside the Kingdom, note that the patient did not leave the Riyadh area, so the results are uncertain for a positive situation. " The ministry noted that it has taken "measures and precautionary measures to deal with this case in accordance with the norms of scientific and medical guidance WHO, as well as recommended by the National Scientific Committee of Infectious Diseases, whose membership includes specialized consultants representing various sectors of government health." The ministry confirmed that the patient "received appropriate treatment and recovered and that the health status of reassuring not to worry about, where are these cases individually and equal most people infected with the virus to heal .. After providing supportive therapy appropriate, like viruses that cause respiratory infections such as seasonal influenza and others." and confirmed that it "continues in the follow-up to the new situation about this virus in coordination with international organizations and international medical bodies and regional. "

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