Monday, November 5, 2012

#Marburg Virus: More Death

On November 2, I posted an article speaking of two deaths out of the Ibana Hospital.  That post is located here.
Two more people suspected to have contracted the Marburg virus have died in Ibanda
If confirmed, this will bring the total number of Marburg deaths to seven.

The deceased whose identities have not yet been revealed include a 14 year old boy
and a 68 year old woman.

Today, there is an article which speaks of 2 more death, for a total of 10, and has different ages, yet within the article it states that the virus has claimed over 5 lives.

2 More Die From Marburg as Death Toll Increases to 10
Posted by Sandra Birungi on November 4, 2012

By Jane Nambi The death toll has increased from eight people to ten after two people died from the disease in Ibanda on Friday. The people who died were from Ibanda and had previously been admitted to Ibanda Hospital after suffering from marburg related symptoms.

The dead have not yet been identified although they were a 14-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl.

Ministry of Health spokesperson, Rukia Nakamatte has urged all people to be more careful as they do all they can to combat the outbreak which has so far claimed the lives of over five people. The marburg disease broke out less than two months ago in Kabale district after a family of four people died from related symptoms. Over 200 people were put under surveillance over the disease but it seems the situation has not yet been combated.

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