Sunday, June 30, 2013

#H1N1 Vietnam - Update on 3 Cases in Ca Mau

Translation & Excerpt.  I have taken the translation and replaced it with the original text, which makes a whole lot more sense.  The last name matches in the translation below, and that is enough to know it's the same person that other articles are speaking of:

The two cases are:

Name:  Lê Hoàng Bé,  Dir. of Interior
From:  Ca Mau
Onset:  6/18
Adm:  6/19 Gen. Hosp. Cau Mau, Trans. to HCMC
Adm:  6/26 trans. to Pham Ngoc Thach Hosp (HCMC)
Syms on 6/26: high fever, shortness breath
Confirmed:  6/27

Name:  67(F) Lương Văn Đua

From:  Nguyen Phich Commune, U Minh District, Ca Mau

Adm:  6/19 U Minh Hospital

Note:  10 days of treatment, recovered.  Preparing discharge.

Name:  30(F) Trần Thị Mùa

From:  Cái Đôi Vàm town,  Phu Tan District, Ca Mau

Onset:  6/24

Adm:  6/27  Cai Nuoc Hospital

Sym’s on adm:  shortness of breath, fever, cough

Influenza H1N1 outbreaks in the Mekong Delta


In the health sector, before his sick to the Ha Noi. Nearly 10 days before he was about to Ca Mau and Protection Division Provincial health care with fever symptoms. Then Director of the Department of the Interior was transferred to hospital but the treatment of Ca Mau Province worsening of the disease. Morning 26/6, febrile patients, dyspnea should be referred to the Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital (HCMC). Here sample for testing, the results were positive for A/H1N1 flu virus.

Chị Mùa onset 4 days ago. She self-medication of drinking but not the fever that kept coughing up the family to hospital treatment Cai Nuoc district. Just send sample tests, hospital patients were taken immediately to the flu A and implementing isolation to prevent infection. Riêng ông Đua, after more than 10 days of treatment was healthy again, preparing discharge. 

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