Monday, July 1, 2013

China: Sichuan fully completed #H7N9 bird flu virus samples for inspection work

July 1, 2013

National Health and Family Planning Commission in accordance with the General Office of the State Forestry Administration Office "on the good wild bird H7N9 avian influenza virus detection work notice" (CDC Health Office letter [2013] No. 382) and the National Forestry Office "on further strengthen the H7N9 avian influenza virus traceability investigation and disease monitoring and other wild animal epidemic prevention and control work of the emergency notice "(Office of retaining the word [2013] No. 50) requirements, Sichuan Provincial Health Department and the Forestry Department promptly transmitted document and workflow, responsibilities division of labor, timing and specimen collection detection task decomposition to specific cities and states Forestry Administration and the Health Center for Disease Control. 

Foci in the provincial wildlife disease monitoring station under the unified guidance, the province's forestry sector positive action at all levels, with the local disease control departments in close collaboration, the successful completion of the wild bird H7N9 avian flu virus specimen collection and inspection work.  

According to summary statistics, the province's cities and states involved in collecting samples for inspection cranes, swans, peacocks, vultures, eagles silver pheasant, duck, guinea fowl and thrush, Acacia birds and other wild birds and captive birds 68 species collected in various ways blood, swabs, tissue, feces and water and other samples, submission 2143 copies, is the amount of state-assigned task 1100 of 195% for the next avian H7N9 virus detection traceable investigation and monitoring prevention and control work to provide a reliable reference. 

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