Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vietnam: #H1N1 Ha Giang - 1 Death, 14 Suspected

Saturday, 06/07/2013 14:15
Na Bau, Ngoc Duong, and currently there are 14 people with suspected H1N1 infection, including 15-year-old female patient died.
According to the Medical Center of Ha Giang, female patients (15 years of age, Na Bau, Ngoc Tang), tested positive for H1N1 died.
Patients with onset of illness from 19/6 to the expression as loose stools, coughing in the morning, runny nose, chest tightness, fever sweating, red face, headache, bad eating, sleeping Storage packaging.
On 22/6, the patient was taken to Medical Center of the city of testing product samples, then transferred to the provincial hospital treatment. But then the girl died.
By Day 2/7, with test results confirmed patients positive for H1N1 influenza. Authorities have taken measures to treat outbreaks, spray disinfectant in Na treasure. 

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