Sunday, June 30, 2013

Haiti-Dominican “chicken war” claims half million hens

[...and the poultry ban has nothing to do with sickly virus laden poultry....]
June 28, 2013

Santo Domingo.- Half a million laying hens will be sold at 50 pesos (around one dollar) each this weekend in the capital and some areas nationwide, as a result of the “chicken war” waged between Haiti and Dominican Republic.

The measure aims to cut overproduction in poultry farms sector, following Haiti’s ban on Dominican poultry, Agriculture minister Luis Ramon Rodriguez announced Wednesday. He said the government subsidy will be as much as RD$12.0 million, or 20 pesos per bird sold.

"We’ll sell 40 trucks in the five Cibao provinces (north) and poor neighborhoods of Santo Domingo, we hope to end the surplus out there in 10 to 15 days, then lower our egg production which is too high, at 140 million monthly and our consumption is 120," the official said, quoted by the Corripio Communications Group.

Rodriguez said since the sector exported around 15 million eggs and one million chickens per month to Haiti, its losses after the ban might not be as severe as farmers claim.
"I think in the heat battle poultry farmers exaggerated a bit, because on just two food products, including chickens and eggs, US$245 million were exported last year."
Contrary to what most people expect, the price of chicken might not decrease, since, according to Rodriguez, the ban didn’t affect it.
Some sectors see the “chicken war” on Hispaniola as the result of competition in the two countries over the lucrative poultry market.

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