Sunday, June 30, 2013

Vietnam: Science Communication Conference and HIV Infections Nationwide in 2013


Day 28-29 / 6, in Da Nang, Science Communication Conference and HIV infections nationwide in 2013 by the Infectious Diseases Society of Vietnam, Clinical Medical Association HIV / AIDS and the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases was organized by the of place. The conference attracted close to 500 delegates researcher, a specialist of the leading national and international participants.
Paper presented at the conference said, in recent years, emerging infectious diseases and re-emerged with the growing trend that is the latest epidemic H7N9 influenza in China has made ​​37 deaths among 132 cases must. Along with that, the possibility of mutation by genetic reassortment of influenza virus strains caused great concern about the outbreak of a new strain capable of spreading as strong and virulent respiratory syndrome coronavirus respiratory mortality is 60%. in Vietnam, mosquitoes resistant cause outbreaks of dengue fever, meningitis, malaria, hantavirus disease, Negleria fowleri amoeba, H1N1 flu, swine streptococcus, hand - foot - mouth ... tend to reappear. The situation of HIV / AIDS despite the marked decline in Vietnam but each has found about 14,000 new infections. This poses challenges for the health sector in Vietnam. Cong control of communicable diseases in general and HIV / AIDS in Vietnam in particular are faced with enormous challenges. It is a matter to raise awareness of the people and the prevention of disease, such as surveillance methods for early detection services, is in the care, treatment effectiveness, time constraints death .. . Therefore, timely information, share experience in prevention and control of infectious diseases and HIV / AIDS among local, national professional bodies have very important meaning. At the conference, delegates focused on four thematic discussions are emerging infectious diseases and re-emerged, HIV / AIDS and infectious diseases, and other infectious diseases, HIV / AIDS in Vietnam .Thereby, will provide essential information and personnel necessary to do research, infectious disease care, HIV / AIDS services from central to local basis.

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