Thursday, July 4, 2013

UK Cluster Commentary #Coronavirus #MERS

An excerpt from the Telegraph, in the previous post from ProMED:

In February [2013], 2 members of the same family died from the virus. One, a 39-year-old man, died in Birmingham having picked up the virus from his father, who had recently travelled to Saudi Arabia. The father then died around a month later in Manchester's Wythenshaw hospital. A female relative was also treated for mild MERS symptoms, raising fears of human-to-human [transmission].

From my Case List - on that specific incident:

Date Report:  2/11/13 [Case #10]
Name:  Abid Hussain (60) -  Father.  Index Case.
From:  Winson Green, UK Resident
Onset:  1/24/13 (Arrived back on 1/28, unwell)
Adm:   1/31  Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester,  ICU with severe lower resp. tract infection.
Notes:  Arrived back to UK from Mecca Saudi Arabia on 1/28. 10 days before onset he visited Pakistan from 12/16-January 20, 2013 and Saudi Arabia from January  20-28th.  Lab specimens from 2/1/13 revealed both influenza A H1N1pdm09 and NCoV (novel coronavirus) Alive.  In Coma.
DOD:  3/19 – 10th Death, 17 Cases

Date Report:  2/13/13 [Case #11]
Name:  Khalid (39) - son to Abid above. 
From:  UK resident
Adm:   2/9  Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.  ICU with resp. sym’s.
Onset:  2/6
Note:  Diagnosed with Brain Cancer.  Caught Coronavirus when Father first returned from Mecca in Saudi Arabia (where he went to pray for Son’s Health)
DOD:  2/17

Date Report:  2/15/13 [Case #12]
Name: Daughter to Index Case & Sister of Khalid (above)
From:  UK resident
Onset:  2/5 typical influenza-like sym’s ..
Adm:  no.   Patient is recovered from mild respiratory illness.

Note:  Wife tells story. Father, Son and Daughter.  Son diagnosed with brain cancer.  Father goes to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to pray for Son (Khalid).  When he first came back from Saudi Arabia he infects his Son.  Son died of Coronavirus.  Father is in a coma.  Daughter caught it, but immunity was fine and she survived.

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